2011 provisional budget approved

Budget passed with 19 votes for, and 4 abstentions.

On Friday the Conseil National concluded its study of the budget, which was voted through. Nonetheless, all parliamentarians commented on the overly optimistic predictions of the Government.

In spite of a 94 m euros deficit, the provisional 2011 budget projects include:

  • delivery of 500 state lodgings for Monegasques between 2008 and 2013, in spite of modifications to plans for the future hospital
  • speeding up the white paper on property transactions, which should increase State revenues
  • the nomination of a Monegasque Secretaire General to SBM
  • measures to improve the attractiveness of the Principality

Those abstaining included the independent Christophe Spiliotis-Saquet, and members of opposition party R&E. Laurent Nouvion spoke of the lack of political courage of the majority, who express their concerns in private but not in public.

Conseil National : budget voted in