A defensive start to the season

Monaco FC is adapting to changes in the economic climate.

Monaco's football team plays in French League 1, and is affected by changes to the sports environment in France. A number of factors have led French clubs to slash spending on transfers this summer to just 30 m euros, 110 m less than last year. The global economic crisis has certainly played a part, and according to the Direction Nationale du Controle de Gestion (DNCG), club debts reached 180 m euros during the 2009/2010 season, 140 m of which was accounted for by League 1 clubs. Another major problem on the horizon is the renegotiation of broadcasting rights expected in 2012. The rights bring in 668 m euros a season for the sport, but since Orange Sport announced it would not participate in the next tender, there's been panic.

Monaco was able to anticipate some changes in advance and was able to buy star player Mbokani this year because it had already sold Nene and Pino. In total tho' the club has reduced its payroll for another year, selling 15 and recruiting just 7.

Football business : Monaco remains cautious