Aid for refugees

On 18th June, Monaco observed World Refugee Day by helping the United Nations.

There are 40 million displaced people in the world, 10 million of whom are looked after by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Since 1961 Monaco has allocated a voluntary contribution to the UNHCR, equivalent to 100,000 euros in 2010. The Principality has now ratified an agreement to help child refugees in Syria who are waiting for cardiac or orthopaedic treatments. It is also to support humanitarian medical interventions carried out by HCR in the same country. The agreement was announced last week, during a press conference with Franck Biancheri of Monaco and Fransisco Galindo-Velez, representing the Office of the UNHCR. Public and private partnerships are being set up to provide support with administration, organization and employment for refugees, as well as funding.

Monaco and the HCR sign a framework agreement