Art and culture high on agenda

Monaco continues to support and promote the arts.

Violin statue

A new law entered into the statute books this week. It's now possible for artists to register as independent professionals in Monaco and obtain a similar status to other independent workers. There are however some restrictions, and one of the following must apply:

  • Monegasque national
  • Married to a Monegasque
  • Resident in the Principality for more than 5 years

In addition, art should be the only source of income, it's not possible to be an artist for half the time and a self-employed shopkeeper for the other half. Registering as a professional artist brings benefits such as financial aid to rent a workshop for instance, and low interest loans to buy equipment and material.

In addition to support for professional artists, the Government has set aside 100,000 euros to support art projects. Application for a share of the 2010 funding should be received by 30th April. All kinds of projects will be considered, especially those that help promote the Principality.

New national museum of Monaco: nouveau musee national monaco

Plans for regular exhibitions of work by Monaco artists are also being discussed in the Cultural Affairs Department for 2011. By then, work on the New National Museum of Monaco should be complete. The Villa Paloma, which is due to open later this year, will show case modern and contemporary collections. Last March Marie-Claude Beaud was named chief curator of the new museum, but has yet to make her mark as the Villa Sauber has also been closed for work since September. In addition to the 2 villas, space in the future Yacht Club may be used for art exhibitions.