Condamine retailers fearful

Shop-keepers on rue Grimaldi are worried that changes will lead to less custom.

Business owners fear that once the current road works are completed, rue Grimaldi will become a no-parking zone, leading to less passing trade, lower sales figures and reduced profits. Around 20 shop-keepers signed a petition at the beginning of July and presented it to the Government. They are worried that there is a plan to reduce traffic on rue Grimaldi from the current 3 to just 2 lanes, and to widen the pavement. At the moment, parking in the bus lane is tolerated during certain times of day, but if the feared plans go ahead, parking will be prohibited. In a report in local newspaper Monaco Hebdo, the Government said that the work wasn't planned at the moment.

Further up the road it's clear that some businesses are suffering from the work that started in June. On top of reduced sales due to the economic crisis, the Monte Carlo Bar claims to have lost around 50% of its clientele during road work to install a new bus stop.

Condamine: concerns of the shop-keepers

Much fewer clients in the Condamine