Conseil National chooses stats representative

Conseil National elects Alexandre Bordero to represent Parliament on IMSEE's Scientific Council.

Monaco's new statistical institute is taking shape. IMSEE is a key element in making Monaco more attractive. Its Scientific Council is made up of experts and representatives of various Monegasque bodies, with a mission to propose a direction for IMSEE's statistical studies. Alexandre Bordero takes on his new role whilst acting as President of the Conseil National's Commission for National Finances and Economy.

IMSEE's Scientific Council's 11 members are:

  • President Pierre-Andre Chiapori
  • Paul Champsaur, ex-DG of the French INSEE and President of the Autorite de la Statistique d'Etat
  • Henri Riey, Monegasque entrepreneur
  • Jean Franck Bussotti, Monegasque entrepreneur
  • 2 representatives from the Department of Finances and Economy
  • representative of the Conseil National, Alexandre Bordero
  • 1 representative of the Conseil Communal
  • President of the Economic and Social Council
  • President of the CDE, currently Michel Dotta
  • Inspecteur General of the Administration or his representative

Alexandre Bordero on the statistics scientific council