Cultural commissioner to report on budget

The Conseil National begins its review of the provisional 2011 budget this week.

Unusually, the role of parliamentary spokesperson for the budget has been assigned to Bernard Marquet, President of the Cultural Commission. Marquet defected from the UNAM party to join UP earlier this year.

Normally, the "rapporteur" position is taken by the president of the Finance and Economy Commission, who is currently Alexandre Bordero. However it's not the first time that a different politician has assumed the role. During the 2003-2008 parliament, Vincent Palmaro stepped down in favour of Jean-Michel Cucchi.

Marquet is spokesman

UPDATE 23rd November

After Bernard Marquet was appointed to the position of "rapporteur" for the 2011 budget, Alexandre Bordero will now take on the role. Bordero had initially stood down due to commitments preventing him from attending meetings with the Government.

Conseil National: Alexandre Bordero finally reporter for the 2011 budgets

Alexandre Bordero finally rapporteur

Opposition party R&E criticized the about turn, saying the episode showed "strange priorities and new proof of disorganization, amateurism [and] lack of coherence within the majority party".

Budget 2011 : R&E tackles the majority