Digital television for all

Next week Monaco Telecom rolls out digital TV services.

From 8th June all Monaco residents will have free access to digital television, offering better quality images than analogue and cable. The new service will give viewers the option of more channels, as well as interactive services. Monaco's telecom operator has been modernizing its cable network for several years, so TV subscribers won't need to make any modifications. The only requirement is a decoder, which should already be integrated in any television sold since 2008, although external ones are available from specialist suppliers. You may also want to buy a new TV box from Monaco Telecom. This not only decodes, but gives access to a number of other services such as interactive program guides, video on demand, and HD channels. Subscribers currently have access to 11 HD channels, but with the new service this will increase to more than 20, some of which specifically target British residents.

Even better, the press release says that services will be cheaper. And for those who don't yet have a decoder or new television, the analogue signal will remain accessible until the end of 2011.

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