Eco-drive results

BMJ Ratings has awarded an A+ grade to Monaco for its efforts in sustainable development.

European agency BMJ spent several months in 2009 auditing the Principality's environmental policies and actions. The rating agency studied documents and spoke to political and technical advisers, resulting in a rating of A+.

The mandate for the study was given by the Direction de l'Environnement to evaluate Monaco's green credentials. It was carried out in relation to the renewed 20 year concession awarded to SMEG, which has created a 3-4 m euros annual fund to provide for the installation of intelligent controls, the purchase of renewable energy supplies, and subsidies for energy saving.

The A+ rating is good, but also implies that Monaco could make improvements. There are 10 levels, the highest being AAA, the lowest being C, and the + indicating the potential for improvement. It's calculated by awarding marks out of 100 in 14 different areas, 7 relating to management, and 6 relating to environmental domain:

  • Management
    • Policies, 81
    • Organization of responsibility, 78
    • Information transparency, 79
    • Stakeholder committment, 83
    • Independent monitoring, 78
    • Innovation, 61
    • Long term vision, 71
  • Domain
    • Buildings, 61
    • Transport and security, 81
    • Energy and climate change, 60
    • Water and problematique des fluides, 81
    • Waste and recycling, 88
    • Biodiversity, 91

Cyril Gomez of the Direction de l'Environnement admits that building and construction could be more eco-friendly. Since 2008 all new public buildings have been constructed to high environmental quality (HQE) standards, with the aim of obtaining a BBC label (batiment basse consommation, low consumption building). The Government is carrying out audits on high energy consumption buildings such as the Stade Louis II and the Princess Grace Hospital in order to find ways to reduce consumption. Solar panels are being fitted on educational establishments where practicable.

Sustainable development: Monaco receives A+

Monaco receives an A+ for sustainable development

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