Employers can benefit from young jobseekers

Government efforts to help young people find a job in Monaco are progressing.

Employment priority for Monegasques and residents is a recurrent discussion theme on the agenda of the Conseil National. Although it's a legal requirement for companies to offer vacancies to locals, many enterprises are wary, citing fears that once employed, they are impossible to dismiss. Consequently, it's difficult for many young people to find employment within the Principality.

The Government is committed to creating opportunities for Monaco's young graduates, and in February 2010 created the Commission d'Insertion des Diplomes (CID) to tackle the problem. With the aim of creating bridges between school leavers and companies, the CID has set up a scheme whereby enterprises that agree to take on a youngster for a 2 year contract (CDD) will not need to pay employers' contributions during that period. Out of 100 companies contacted, the CID visited 78, and 65 expressed a willingness to participate.

Last Friday, 42 of those companies gathered to sign up to the scheme, with 14 agreeing to recruit a specific number of young people, equating to 84 real employment opportunities. The aim for the CID is that each Monegasque or resident will be offered a permanent contract (CDI) at the end of the CDD, but this is not obligatory.

Youth placement in Monaco: advances