Europe, Fontvieille and racially motivated crime

Further details from Monaco Telecom of yesterday's Government press conference.

Minister for External Affairs Jose Badia reflected on the future relationship between Monaco and the European Union (EU), raising the possibility that Monaco might consider joining the EU. This is unlikely to happen in the near future, as Michel Roger underlined the fact that the Principality would have to dissolve certain regulations, which could have serious implications for the economy.

New Minister for Equipment, Environment and Urban Planning Marie-Pierre Gramaglia looked to the future and Monaco's need for 350,000 m sq every 10 years to assure its development. More news is likely to emerge in 2011 regarding the extension of Fontvieille into the sea.

At the end of the conference, Ministers took questions from the floor. Of particular interest was the recent report by the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) which highlighted the Principality's legislative shortcomings. Roger refuted the idea that Monaco was stung by the report, adding that it would not be difficult to modify the law, which currently doesn't recognize racism as a motivation for violent crime.

Government's press call (2): Europe, relations with administrators, and ECRI