Fast cars and yachts

The worlds of motor sport and yacht racing come together in Monaco this week.

The Principality plays host to the Motor Sport Business Forum Europe and the World Yacht Racing Forum (WYRF). Both events provide an opportunity for their respective industry players to meet, network and negotiate deals over 2 days. There's also a chance for some interaction between the drivers and the sailors during Wednesday evening's Track and Ocean shared cocktail reception.

Motor sport business forum

The Motor Sport Business Forum brings together teams, sponsors and stakeholders for its 5th year. There's an exhibition area set aside for stands and displays, and a full conference program covering areas of commercial activity such as obtaining sponsorship, planning events, and hospitality. Also on the agenda, a panel discussion entitled delivering motorsports to the mass market, which will no doubt raise the thorny issue of internet viewing that caused heated debate in other trade conferences this year (see our story on Sportel). Since all the bigwigs will be in town, several meetings are scheduled for the FIA, and on Friday night Jenson Button and Ross Brawn collect their world champions trophies at the gala evening.

World Yacht Racing Forum 2009

Organizers of the World Yacht Racing Forum are expecting over 400 delegates to attend the 2nd edition of the event. Running in parallel is the 1st Yacht Racing Design & Technology Symposium and the 1st International Superyacht Coatings Conference. Speakers at the WYRF are talking about sailing sponsorship, cost cutting measures and developing new audiences and fan-bases for the sport.