Finance for landmine information

Raising Bosnian children's awareness of dangers.

Further to the visit of the Bosnian President, Monegasque Cooperation is to sign a partnership convention with the Genesis Project association. The aim is to make children in Bosnia Herzegovina aware of the dangers of unexploded landmines and ammunition.

Bosnia Herzegovina Mine Action Centre (BHMAC) estimates that there are still more than 650,000 mines and 670,000 munitions that remain unexploded in the country, the remains of the 1992-95 war. Since the conflict ended, more than 1430 people have fallen victim to landmines, 63 of them children. Monaco is allocating 30,000 euros, which will fund 84% of the project to make and broadcast 5 TV programs called From Puppets to Empowerment.

Cooperation : fight against land mines in Bosnia Herzegovina