Get on board the bus!

CAM continue efforts to get us to use the buses.

The Monaco bus company (CAM) are making your journey better, helping to cut car use and develop sustainable transport. After the success of increasing bus frequency in 2009, it's working on passenger information and effortless ticketing.

bus-1: Monaco busYou know where you are on a Monaco bus

One of the biggest complaints about public transport is that you never know how long you'll have to wait for the next bus. In Monaco, CAM are solving the problem with a new information system using GPS. It allows passengers to track buses in real time, using a system that automatically transmits the vehicle's position every 5 seconds to a central server. The information is then posted onto screens at the stops for passengers, and it also allows CAM to regulate buses according to traffic conditions. All the vehicles, including the bateau bus are equipped.

Changes to the ticket system have also been implemented, with the introduction of contactless electronic ticketing. After trialling the system with the under 26s last year, cards are now available for all season ticket holders. Validation machines are being installed in the buses, not only at front, but also by the centre and rear doors, which should speed up passenger boarding and hence the journey time. The new cards are also valid from whatever date they're bought, so no need to renew every 1st of the month.

Finally, for all those residents in Fontvieille, and those who do their shopping at Carrefour, CAM have installed an information booth in the Fontvieille shopping mall. It's open every day except Sunday, from 11:00 to 19:00 for passengers to get information about season tickets and to collect contactless cards.