Government and parliament changes

Prince Albert II announces a new Minister of State and a new Government councilor.

Minister of state

In an interview with Monaco Hebdo, Prince Albert has announced that the future Minister of State is Frenchman Michel Roger. Although his name is not widely recognized in the Principality, Roger has been a member of the high court (tribunal supreme) of Monaco since 2007. A lawyer by qualification, he has many years' experience in French politics, notably with education and youth. He takes over from Jean-Paul Proust on 30th March next year.

In a second published announcement, the Prince also confirmed rumours that Stephane Valeri will take his place as Government Councilor for Health and Social Affairs in January. Jean-Jacques Campana, who currently holds the position, resumes his place at the head of social services. According to the interview, Valeri's mission includes ensuring the pension system can be sustained, putting in place a fair wage policy, and managing the future hospital project.

It's the first time a President of the National Council has entered into Government service. Some press reports suggest that the move signals a more modern and open administration for the Principality. It's also seen as a sign of confidence in the National Council and its members. Valeri resigns his presidency on 8th January and parliament will meet for an extraordinary session on 11th January to choose a new president.

At lunchtime today, Valeri's press release stated that although his position is changing, he will continue to serve the same team: Monaco.