Government department reorganization

Two services renamed and reorganized.

North side of Port Hercule

Two services of the Government Department of Facilities, Urban Planning and Environment are changing their names under a reorganization:

  • Service for Urban Planning (Amenagement Urbain - SDAU) becomes Department of Urban Planning (DAU)
  • Telecoms and Concessions Control (Controle des Concessions et des Telecommunications - DCCT) becomes the Department for Electronic Communications (Direction des Communications Electroniques - DCE)

Government advisor Gilles Tonelli has explained that the name change is linked to the missions of each division. Up to now, supervision of utility and service concessions such as water, electricity, and waste disposal, has been managed by the DCCT. Responsibility for these is being passed to the DAU. The new DCE will concentrate on electronic communications regulation. In effect, government administration is adapting to changes taking place in society.

In practice, the DCCT teams in charge of concessions will join the DAU when it moves to new offices in Fontvieille port at the end of March 2010.