Government reassures Condamine retailers

The Minister of State met shop-keepers of rue Grimaldi yesterday.

Further to worries expressed by retailers regarding the road works in Condamine, Michel Roger, colleagues Paul Masseron and Gilles Tonelli, and Mayor Georges Marsan took time to talk to business owners yesterday. The retailers were able to report in person that their sales have decreased between 30% and 50% since road works started at place d'Armes, and a temporary no-parking zone was implemented.

Short-term stopping has now been reintroduced, and Roger assured retailers that the road work would soon be complete. The place d'Armes roundabout should be ready on the 10th September, however traffic planners are still wondering how to ensure road safety for pedestrians. It seems that in managing motor vehicle flow, little thought has been give to slower, greener road users. Traffic lights have been removed and there is now nothing to regulate the pedestrians who want to do their shopping along rue Grimaldi. To solve the problem, new lights may have to be installed, or the current pedestrian crossing could be moved further down the road. More meetings are planned.

Rue Grimaldi : Minister of State meets business owners

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