Karement - dancing around continues

Workers seek help from Government and Unions.

Monaco night club Karement closed last week with workers uncertain as to their future. Even those employees guaranteed a job with Cafe Llorca face 5 or 6 months on temporary unemployment benefit, so the Government has stepped in to help.

On Tuesday, Government Minister for Social Affairs Stephane Valeri met with the future manager of Cafe Llorca, Fabrice Lavergne. Assurances were made that the cafe refurbishment would be carried out quickly, and that as many Karement workers as possible will be re-employed.

The following day Valeri met the workers' reps to present its plans for helping Karement workers. A special unit is to be set up at the Employment Service from next Monday, dedicated to helping the Karement night employees to find work in the Principality. The State has also agreed to supplement employees' unemployment benefit by 500 euros per month, full-time equivalent. Although grateful for the measures taken by the Government, workers are insisting that the Cafe Llorca's management should employ all the ex-personnel of Karement and are seeking assistance from the Union des Syndicats (Trades Union).

Karement workers receive small assurances

Karement : the Government makes a gesture for the workers