Lycee Albert 1er centenary

The Old Students' Association donated a commemorative plaque to mark the occasion.

Last month the Lycee Albert 1er celebrated its 100th birthday. Initially known as the Lycee de Monaco the first students were admitted on 4th October 1910. It was established in the Convent of the Visitation and was inaugurated by Prince Albert 1er. During its first 8 years, only boys were admitted, with girls entering the system in 1918.

The Government website lists a chronology of key developments for the school, taken from Raymond Xhrouet's La Petite histoire du lycee Albert Ier:

  • 1912, Sports Association founded
  • 1913, first students entered for baccalaureat
  • 1913, 200 students registered
  • 1924 Old Students' Association founded
  • 1939, 350 students registered
  • 1957, building extended
  • 1960, 50th anniversary, adopted the name Lycee Albert 1er, and the Prince Albert library opened
  • 1963, book fund established
  • 1971, school meals introduced
  • 1975, primary classes started
  • 1983, primary classes evolved into the Ecole du Rocher
  • 1987, international section for 6eme classes
  • 1989, college classes started and from then the lycee only accepted 2nd cycle classes and those preparing for the BTS (brevet de technicien superieur)
  • 1991-97, modernization and renovation, establishment of self-service cafeteria, exchanges and overseas trips
  • 2002 creation of the Salle Polyvalente
  • 2008 introduction of DCG Diplome de Comptabilite Generale bac+3 level

Lycee Albert 1er centenary

Lycee Albert 1er celebrates 100 years