Majority vote for 2010 revised budget

On Friday evening the Conseil National voted in the 2010 revised budget with 18 for and 4 abstentions.

During the meeting, President Robillon, speaking on behalf of UP, said he was pleased to see the wishes of the Conseil National being respected by the Government. UNAM party members, who resigned from the majority party after the election of Jean-Francois Robillon, voted with their old UP colleagues, apart from Christophe Spilotis-Saquet. Abstaining from the vote, he underlined the Government's unwillingness to restrict spending on the civil service and the poor performance of the reserve fund.

Also abstaining were the 3 R&E opposition members. Party leader Laurent Nouvion explained that his party disagrees with the Government's gamble on a progressive increase in income, rather than taking into account that the current economic upswing may be short-term. Consequently he said the budget is too risky.

It remains to be seen what is planned for the 2011 provisional budget that will be presented by the Minister of State in December.

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