Michel Roger meets the press

Promises press freedom and regular meetings with Monaco's journalists.

Minister of state

On Tuesday afternoon, new Minister of State Michel Roger gave his first press conference surrounded by Government colleagues. He spoke about the communication campaign and the recent opinion polls that reflect Monaco's special image around the world. In the next few weeks, the main thrust of the communication strategy will be presented to Prince Albert and set in motion. Roger reassured the audience that he believed in and would defend the freedom of the press.

Michel Roger : there is no rule of law without freedom of the press

Two days later, on Thursday, Michel Roger was received by the President of the National Council Jean-Francois Robillon. During the meeting, the two men discussed housing, Monegasque national priority, and re-establishing trust between the Government and Parliament, which weakened following the G20 crisis and the Tour Odeon problems. In future, a new way of working together is to be implemented, based on regular, open exchanges, and sharing all dossiers of national interest. Roger spoke to members of the majority party about the difficulties of legislative work and the time taken in exchanging documents with the Government. Leaders of minority parties raised the issue of the future legal organization of parliament, questions of finance, and the media's treatment of political parties. Roger and Robillon will meet again on 7th April during the public opening of the National Council's 2010 spring session.

Official visit of Minister of State Michel Roger to the National Council