Monaco hotels among most expensive

For Brits, staying overnight in Monaco is not cheap.

According to the Hotel Price Index (HPI) published in September, Monaco has the 2nd most expensive hotels in the world. Top of the table is Geneva, with an average overnight stay costing 174 euros. The Principality is a close second at 170 euros.

Based on hotel prices paid by UK travelers in 2nd quarter 2010, the survey analyzed 91,500 hotels in around 15,750 destinations. The HPI is published regularly by, and is based on bookings made through the website. Survey prices are those paid by customers rather than those advertised by the hotels.

Monaco has retained its status as a luxury destination even in the current economic climate. It perhaps bodes well for the coffers next July, when every room is likely to be booked for visitors to the royal wedding. Preparations are already being made behind the scenes to ensure that everyone, guests, journalists, and royalists have a place to stay. But with just 2535 rooms available, prices will be at a premium. In a recent search on the Internet, Nice Matin claimed to have found rooms advertised at the Meridien Beach Plaza for 479 euros per night, and from 332 at the Monte Carlo Bay Resort, and in the centre of Monte Carlo, the Metropole's rate is 540 euros. Better start saving.

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