Monaco restaurants in Palm Beach

Monaco Restaurants Group is opening up in Palm Beach.

The Monaco company is to operate two establishments in Palm Beach: 251 The Club and Caffe Milano. Both operations will be overseen by Lucio Zanon, a managing partner of the Monaco Restaurant Group, who joined the company a few months ago with the intention of entering the Palm Beach market.

Caffe Milano is to be a luxury Italian restaurant, due to open in December, with an upmarket image - gentlemen will be required to wear a jacket after 5pm. 251 The Club will be a lounge club serving cocktails, wines and a selection of Italian snacks, with live music and clubbing.

In Monaco, the group owns Beefbar, Saliere, Avenue 31 and Mozza.

Lucio Zanon will oversee two establishments: 251 The Club and Caffé Milano