Monte Carlo Beach opens in spite of storm damage

Impact of sea on shoreline doesn't delay opening.

One of SBM's luxury hotels, the Monte Carlo Beach, has suffered damage twice this winter from high seas. The property was first hit by storms on New Year's Eve, and a second time on 19th February. Bernard Lambert, head of SBM is considering plans to build a protective jetty in the bay to prevent future damage.

Monte Carlo Beach HotelSBM's Monte Carlo Beach Hotel

However, the broken concrete and damaged beach didn't prevent the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel from reopening last Friday. The property has been undergoing renovations since autumn 2008, with most of the work carried out during winter while the hotel is closed. Work continues on the swimming pool area and new spa, at a cost of 4 million euros, both of which are scheduled to open on 1st May. A third phase of renovation is planned for the Sea Lounge club, but this will now be delayed until protection from the sea can be secured.

The hotel recently celebrated its acquisition of a 5th star, and its acceptance into the Relais & Chateaux club.

Monte Carlo Beach : Renovation continues after being battered by the sea

Monte Carlo Beach Club