More disruption likely on rue Grimaldi

Temporary delivery bay to be installed.

Three streets in the Condamine district are being renovated, starting on 25th October. Rue des Acores, rue de Millo and rue Terrazzini are to have their paving stones re-surfaced. In order to minimize disruption to businesses and pedestrians, each street will be closed off for a 2 weeks period in 5 phases:

  1. 25 Oct - 9 Nov, rue Terrazzani, market car park will be closed
  2. 4-15 Nov, junction between rue de Millo and la rue Terrazzani
  3. 15-30 Nov, lower section of rue de Millo
  4. 29 Nov - 9 Dec, upper section of rue de Millo
  5. 6-17 Dec, rue des Açores

During the work, a temporary delivery bay will be installed on rue Grimaldi, just above rue de Millo.

Further up the hill towards Monte Carlo, the Direction de l'Amenagement Urbain (town planning) is renovating street lighting on avenue d'Ostende. In addition to replacing decayed lamp posts and shades, new generation 400 Watt light bulbs are being used to save energy and improve lighting.

Renovated candelabras for the avenue d'Ostende

Road work : Condamine renovated street by street