National Council Spring session closes

Three laws were voted in unanimously by the National Council last week.

Window in Palais de Justice

At the closing of Monaco's parliamentary spring session, the National Council unanimously voted in three laws which related to:

  • Foundations - the original law dating from 1922 had become obsolete. Changes now allow greater control over the financing of foundations with more than 500,000 euros at their disposal.
  • Civil liability of teachers - another antiquated law. The new legislation moves away from presumed guilt to the need to prove culpability. Civil liability of schools is now taken by the Government or by the owners.
  • Pawnbroking - dating back to 1910, the law allows individuals to obtain an immediate housing loan by depositing an object of value, as practiced by the Credit Mobilier de Monaco. The legislation has been tightened up.

National Council : unanimous conclusion to the Spring session

During the session, most discussion related to the legislative projects which had been revoked by the Government. Specifically, the proposed changes to the Criminal Code and the role of the examining judge (juge d'instruction). Similar controversy has been raging in France, where Sarkozy is considering abolishing the position. Two other draft laws were revoked relating to information systems, and digital economy.

The debate on the "juge d'instruction" continues in the National Council