New image for Mairie

Monaco's town hall launches communications campaign.

The Mairie of Monaco is working on its image and has launched a campaign to communicate more effectively with Monegasques and residents. Nicolas Croesi, the Communal Councilor in charge of communication, says he wants the Mairie to be part of daily life in the Principality. The institution wishes to be more transparent regarding its role and missions, which relate to 4 principal actions:

  • practical
  • cultural
  • social
  • activities

Starting with a poster campaign, the current initiative will continue in the daily regional press and extend to the end of the year. The Mairie is also updating its logo and its website, which should be live at the beginning of 2011.

The campaign is not only aimed at Monegasques. The Mairie is collaborating with the Club des Residents Etrangers de Monaco (CREM) to get its message out to foreign residents. Mayor Georges Marsan invited members of CREM to a rentree cocktail and private viewing of the Sebastien Darrasse exhibition. During the event, Marsan explained that the Mairie served all residents of Monaco, whatever their nationality.

The Mairie communicates to recall its missions

The new logo of the Mairie

CREM invited to the Jardin Exotique by the Mairie