New priorities for economic development

What is the future model for Monaco?

A report has just been published investigating what Monaco has to offer in the way of attracting enterprises and entrepreneurs to develop the Principality's economy. The Minister of State set up a working group, co-ordinated by Andre Garino in May to investigate the economic attractiveness of Monaco. Over 2 months the group met economic, business and social leaders, members of the National Council, representatives of foreign communities, unionists, ambassadors, and participants in the Monaco 2029 task-force (see below). The resulting document highlights 10 priorities, which will be studied by the Government over summer. A plan of action will be established and released to the public after the rentree.

The attractiveness of the service for economic development of the Principality: 10 priority axes

The Monaco 2029 White Paper was presented to the Government at the beginning of December 2009. Put in place by the National Council in April 2009, it was the culmination of 9 months of work by a task-force of economic and financial experts.

As a point of departure, the group used Prince Albert II's investiture speech, followed by a SWOT analysis, and consultation with interested parties. The resulting 50 page document presents 55 project proposals under 6 strategic axes:

  • Geographical limitations
  • Monegasques (and other residents)
  • Attractiveness of the country
  • Sovereignty
  • Information, governance, efficiency and image
  • Economic structure

The report's authors recognize that not all the proposals will be acceptable, but hope that they will foster discussion and new ideas.

Monaco 2029 : 55 proposals for a new development model