Optima card for commuters

New combined rail and bus travel card.

Monaco's bus company the Compagnie Autobus de Monaco (CAM) has joined forces with SNCF to introduce the Optima card. It's a non-contact ticket for commuters who travel to the Principality every day using public transport. Salaried workers and students who use the regional rail (TER) and Monaco bus networks can now combine their monthly season tickets on the Optima chip card, which lasts 5 years. The offer includes a reduction on TER rail travel, and a monthly season ticket for CAM (10 euros for students and 15 euros for workers). Sample monthly travel costs are:

  • Nice - Monaco, 52.70 euros
  • Menton - Monaco, 36.00 euros
  • Ventimiglia - Monaco, 54.40

Optima season tickets are available from SNCF stations. You'll need to fill out a form, attach a photo, and provide proof of identity.

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