Organic school meals

Kids get to eat organic food at school.

Since the rentree, Monaco's school children have been eating organic products as part of their school meals. Menus now contain:

  • 1 organic fruit and 1 dairy product per week
  • 1 organic cut of beef per month
  • 1 organic cut of lamb every 2 months
  • 1 complete organic meal per year

The move to introduce organic products into children's diets has been in the pipeline since 2007. Most recently, during the Conseil National's April session members of the Union pour la Principaute (UP) party proposed a bill imposing organic products into canteen food. If adopted the legislation would affect schools, hospitals, retirement homes and creches. The price of a bio meal could be 10-15% higher than a normal one, equating to between 0.48 and 0.60 euros according to the legal text. During the debate, members of the opposition party Rassemblement et Enjeux supported the call for more organic products, but suggested that there was no need for a law to make the necessary arrangements. It seems that the Government may be in agreement, as the introduction of organic school meals has gone ahead while the law is still being processed.

Organic food obligatory in canteens by the end of 2010?