Pain cocotte

Best thing since sliced bread?

From 3rd to 13th September, Monaco is to be represented at the Concours Lepine in Strasbourg for the first time. Olivier Guillemin, manager of the snack bar in the Parc Princesse Antoinette is taking his pain cocotte on the road.

The Concours Lepine is a competition for inventors, and Guillemin is taking part with his bread based invention. Originally tested at the 2006 Christmas market in Port Hercule, the idea is that bread rolls are hollowed out and filled with cooked food for easy transportation. The bread is prepared in a laboratory in nearby Carros and the fillings are cooked in Nice. Guillemin's secret formula allows the bread to retain its shape, providing a container for the food but not absorbing the hot sauces.

At the moment the dishes are only available to limited customers, but Guillemin is looking into an outlet for the product in Fontvieille. He's also got lots of ideas for distribution channels and hopes the competition may help him find financial backers.

The rock takes part in the Lepine Competition