Pomp and grandeur next year

Monaco's Grimaldi Forum reviews summer 2010 and previews 2011.

Sylvie Biancheri, head of the Grimaldi Forum reported this week that this summer's Japanese exhibition did not attract the numbers the organization had hoped for. Although just 43,000 people visited the event, the youth workshops were fully attended. For 2011 the exhibition planned is entitled Pomp and grandeur of the European courts.

Looking forward to the remaining 3 months of the year, the Grimaldi Forum will host Sportel, Monaco Film Festival, Monaco Dance Forum, and a Christofle exhibition. Two new events are on the calendar, MICS clubbing conference, and a 2nd hand luxury car salon with 120 cars for sale. For dates, see below.

Grimaldi Forum agenda : innovations are coming to strengthen non-stop meetings

Cultural and business events listing at the Grimaldi Forum, supplied by maBoum.com:

Thursday, 2nd Sep
- Leonardo da Vinci exhibition
Friday, 1st Oct
- World Presentation of Watchmaking and Jewellery
Sunday, 3rd Oct
- Fashion show Vitality's
Wednesday, 6th Oct
- 10th Assises de la Securite
Friday, 8th Oct
- Micky Green
Monday, 11th Oct
- Monaco iGaming Exchanges
Monday, 11th Oct
- Sportel 2010
Wednesday, 20th Oct
- Luxe Pack 2010
Thursday, 11th Nov
- Monaco International Clubbing Show (MICS)
Friday, 19th Nov
- Eugene Onegin gala evening
Sunday, 21st Nov → 23rd Nov (2 performances)
- Eugene Onegin
Tuesday, 23rd Nov
- 10th Monte Carlo Comedy Film Festival
Wednesday, 1st Dec
- 4th Peace and Sport International Forum
Tuesday, 7th Dec
- IPE Pension Fund Awards 2010
Wednesday, 8th Dec
- EDHEC Risk Institutional Days 2010
Friday, 10th Dec
- Luxury 2nd hand car sale
Thursday, 16th Dec
- Christofle exhibition
Friday, 17th Dec → 19th Dec (3 performances)
- Pina Bausch's Rite of Spring
Friday, 31st Dec → 3rd Jan (3 performances)
- Sleeping Beauty