Prince Albert's plans

A brief insight into Monaco's future.

After announcing his marriage to Charlene Wittstock will take place in the Palace Square, Prince Albert II answered questions from members of the local press on Wednesday. He spoke of:

  • Health Services - the need to review the hospital project with regard to local patient demographics. The Government's objective of revising the health system.
  • Tax Agreements - a wish for transparency and greater cooperation, mentioning the recent agreement with Germany.
  • Real Estate Strategy - Minister of State Michel Roger is to organize a meeting with real estate industry players. It should be possible to house managers of companies based in Monaco.
  • Government Reshuffle - perhaps in a few weeks or months.
  • Foreign Trips - Prince Albert visits New York in the coming days for the United Nations General Assembly, to attend the head of state summit and to launch Climate Week NY. On 22nd and 23rd September he'll be in Moscow for a conference on the Arctic at the Russian Geographical Society.

Prince Albert wants to revise the health system