R&E reacts to majority upheaval

Another public statement from the UP on the recent defections, but still no comment from UNAM.

Following the defection of the Marquet brothers from UNAM to UP, there have been several communiques batted back and forth between the parties of the Conseil National. The UPM coalition now no longer exists according to a letter from UP, which blames some members of UNAM for "destabilizing" the Conseil National majority following the "eviction" of the Marquet brothers.

In a public statement, opposition party Rassemblement & Enjeux (R&E) reacted to the recent troubles. Commenting on the disagreements R&E claimed that fighting for highly paid positions is at the root of the problem. The opposition party is proposing that the President of the National Council should elect a member of R&E to head up an important standing committee. Such an action would show a willingness to change things, and might even bring some stability to the Conseil National, they claim.

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