Recycling extends into New Year

Companies in the Fontvieille district are being asked to put aside old boxes for recycling in 2011.

The initiative is being organized by the Societe Monegasque d'Assainissement (SMA) and starts 3rd January. Companies are asked to remove plastic film and polystyrene and fold the boxes down.

According to Isabelle Miguet, the ambassador of tri selectif (selective recycling) in Monaco, only a few businesses in the district are recycling rubbish, one of which is the toy shop Joue Club. 90% of the retailer's rubbish constitutes paper or boxes, which it has been recycling for 2 years. In 2011, the shop will also recycle its Christmas catalogs.

SMA is hoping to collect at least 1500 tonnes of cardboard, which will be taken to a collection centre in Carros before being sent to a factory for recycling. The effort will be evaluated and may be extended to the whole of the Principality. To date, 49 hotels and restaurants carry out selective recycling and 84 other organizations such as schools, tax offices, car parks and banks are considering it.

Fontvieille : companies asked to recycle

In addition to the companies' initiative, the Government is approaching syndics (building management services) to test the enthusiasm for selective recycling. In a meeting between the Department of Equipment, Environment and Planning, the SMA and 18 syndics it was found that about 95 residences already have selective recycling bins and another 60 could be persuaded to install them. Some of the difficulties expressed include:

  • ill-designed spaces
  • security and maintenance of the bin for glass
  • high cost for small buildings
  • collection times

Contrary to rumours, the contents of the 3 containers are not incinerated. They are taken to their respective recycling centres unless the wrong material has been put into the wrong bin.

There are around 50 voluntary collection points around the Principality and 92% of residents questioned are satisfied with the SMA collection.

The Government tests the temperature for selective recycling among syndics