Statistical institute to help growth

Minister of State announces establishment of Institut Monegasque de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques (IMSEE).

At the end of January, Michel Roger gave a press conference to publicize Monaco's new statistical institute, IMSEE. The establishment of the Government body is another step in the plan to make Monaco more attractive, and to develop dynamic and responsible economic growth. IMSEE will carry out statistical studies, collecting data from State services, the Mairie and businesses. It has already published the 2009 GDP and further data are expected to be released in early March in the 4th quarter Bulletin de l'Economie, including official population figures.

Data collected and published by the Institute will form a valuable decision-making tool for public servants, company leaders and future investors. The Minister of State said that the Government was responding to the information society's growing demand for transparency, as well as developing better communication about Monaco to an increasingly interested international audience.

Roger stressed that the work of IMSEE is scientific in nature. He commented on the necessity to fully understand the sources of data, validate methodologies, verify calculations, analyze the figures and deliver the results with careful consideration of limitations.

IMSEE: statistics in the service of the State