Tintin in Monaco

Belgian hero translated into Monegasque language.

Tintin and the Castafiore Emerald

For the past 4 months, Dominique Salvo-Cellario who teaches Monegasque, and Eliane Mollo, professor at the Univeristy of Nice Sophia Antipolis, have been translating a Tintin comic book into Monegasque. The Castafiore Emerald (see table below for original French and new Monegasque translations) is the twenty-first adventure in Herge's series, and unusual in being only one of two in which the clever Belgian journalist doesn't travel to another part of the world.

The typescript of the translation has already been delivered to the publisher Casterman, and includes a glossary to help readers understand the Monegasque expressions and wordplay. There are lots of references to Monaco's history and to every day life in the Principality. Indeed, nearly everything has been changed, including the series' title and the pronunciation of the hero's name, which in Monegasque sounds like Teenteen.

Apparently the biggest difficulty was in translating the conjugation of the past tense. Where French has the past perfect and imperfect tenses, Monegasque only expresses past certainty or doubt. No doubt when the book is published in November, it'll be an enjoyable way to learn a little local culture.

Tintin in 3 languages

French Monegasque English
Les aventures de Tintin Tintín per munti e valade The adventures of Tintin
Les Bijoux de la Castafiore I Ori d'A Castafiore The Castafiore Emerald
Tintin Tintín Tintin
Capitaine Haddock le capitaine Stocafí Captain Haddock
Dupont - Dupond Dupont - Davuta Thomson - Thompson
Milou Milu Snowy
Wooah! Wooah! Bau! Bau! Wooah! Wooah!

Tintin in the land of Princes!

Tintin in Monaco

Tintin a Munegu