Wedding news

More information has been released about Monaco's royal wedding in July 2011.

With just over 6 months to go, local media announced last week that the civil ceremony marking the marriage of Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock is to take place on Friday 1st July at 17:00 in the Palace throne room. Philippe Narmino, Directeur of the Services Judiciaires and President of the Conseil d'Etat will perform the union. The religious ceremony will be celebrated with a religious mass by the Archbishop of Monaco Monseigneur Barsi on the following day in the Cour d'Honneur. Both days have been declared holidays in the Principality.

The announcements follow news in October that Christiane Stahl is leading the team in charge of media preparations for the wedding. Stahl is an adviser in the Prince's cabinet and he's working with Jerome Revon and Stephane Gateau of R&G Productions, which will supply the television link to the world media. Fees for broadcasting rights are to be collected and the money will be given to charitable causes supported by the Prince and future Princess. Specialist royal reporter Stephane Bern is to provide the public comentary.

Around 4000 people will be invited to the Palace square to see Charlene Wittstock led by her father into the Palace. After the ceremony, the Prince and Princess will travel across town to the Sainte Devote church, where the Princess will donate her bouquet to the patron saint of Monaco. There's no confirmation yet of where the marriage supper will take place, but rumours suggest it may be in the Oceanographic Museum.

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