Workers fear automation

Carrefour's Monaco employees want to serve you.

Shop-workers' union the Syndicat du Commerce has organized two petitions to gain support for their members, who were out on the street yesterday persuading passers-by to sign. First, the Carrefour workers are demanding what they believe is a better service for clients, claiming that recent company changes are moving in an unacceptable direction. At the heart of the problem is the introduction of self service at check outs and for weighing loose produce. The union partly blames this for a reduction in the number of salaried workers from 378 in 2008 to 335 today.

A second petition demands action relating to annual collective bargaining. Some workers don't receive sick pay, which widens the gap between hourly rates of pay in Monaco and those in the French Alpes Maritimes.

Carrefour : workers refuse to be replaced by robots

Two petitions for Carrefour