Year round swimming in the sun

St Charles swimming pool will be heated by solar panels from January 2011.

On the top floor above St Laurent car park, the St Charles pool is open from September to July, with aquagym classes, and sessions for mothers and babies. With a view of the sun-bathed hills, swimmers will soon be taking advantage of the sunshine as an energy source.

Solar panels are being fitted in the St Charles school complex, which includes the pool, as well as the car park below. Installation of the 62 sq m of paneling started during the All Saints' holiday at a cost of 107,000 euros. When they come into operation in January 2011, the panels should produce around 55,000 kwh per year, enough to maintain the water temperature in the swimming pool, which is currently heated by electricity.

The Government provides 30% of the cost of installing solar panels, up to a total of 30,000 euros.

Saint Charles school goes solar

Saint Charles school goes green

An eco-school