Better transport connections

Here at Monaco IQ, we're great advocates of public transport and regularly report stories about local bus and rail services.

In addition to traditional forms of transport, the Principality also boasts a solar powered "bateau bus" (boat bus) that carries travelers from one side of the port to the other. It became a year-round service in December 2008 after transporting 52 000 passengers during the year, twice the number carried in 2007. A third of its users are locals.

From Monday 18 May, it's also going to be easier to get back and forth between Monaco and Nice Cote d'Azur Airport. A new schedule is being introduced for bus 110, which will now carry passengers every 30 minutes, double the previous frequency. This is certainly a welcome improvement, and a viable option to using the helicopter or taxi service, especially for professionals whose work regularly takes them away from Monaco.

(For links to local transport timetables and schedules, check our public transport page)