2nd CleanEquity event

For the second year running, Monaco will host the CleanEquity conference.

The conference is taking place on 19 and 20 March 2009 in the Sporting d'Hiver and is an opportunity for public and private environmental technology companies to present their ideas. Potential investors, representatives of the construction industry, media and politicians are invited to view the presentations and become involved in promoting clean technology and sustainable development. Once again, the event is being organised by Innovator Capital, hosted and supported by the Monaco Chamber of Economic Development and the Foundation Albert II, and the lead sponsor is Barclay's Wealth.

Investment in cleantech companies is increasing as the world becomes more concerned about the effects of climate change and the future supply of fossil fuels. According to Ernst & Young the US is the largest investment market, raising 3.3 billion US dollars venture capital in the first 3 quarters of 2008. In second place, Europe raised 481.8 million US dollars over the same period, with China and Israel showing strong growth too.

In 2008, awards were handed out to 3 companies. Clean Diesel Technologies received the prize for commercialization, Zenergy Power for development, and ITM Power for research. This year up to 50 companies will be presenting to 400 individuals during the two day meeting, hoping to build a cleaner future for everyone.