Clients and work

Sometimes called qualifications by the consulting community, here are some examples of work undertaken by staff at Monaco IQ:

Venture Capital Company

The client was investing in the market expansion of a fast food restaurant that had recently entered the UK and needed background on the market in order to make a decision.


We provided an overview of the fast food restaurant market in the UK, working with the client to gather and analyse information on the leading players and their market shares.


The client successfully invested in and owns over 60% of the fast food restaurant chain. It is now established as one of the leading restaurant chains in the UK.

Luxury Wedding Planners

This new business wanted a website that would quickly establish them as the leading player in their region. In addition, they expected most of their initial sales to be through the website and so needed to ensure that the online service was effective.


We designed a website to take advantage of search engine optimization techniques, while including visual design elements required for this service company.


Within the first week of operation, the website had achieved first ranking with google searches. The company’s sales exceeded expectations, with volume turnover of XX in the first year through the website.

Academic Library

This private university had been established for 20 years but had not invested in the library administration. As the university and its services expanded, little money was available to improve the library, yet as the usage increased, it became impossible to track loans without an electronic library management system.


We identified an open source library management system that we hosted on our own server. Catalog data were imported from an original Excel spreadsheet, using MarcEdit to clean it and ensure it was in a readable format. The project included implementing a barcode reading system for the books and the users.


The system is now successfully running. Loans have increased, the library is able to charge for lost and overdue books. Total cost of the system excluding time to implement, was the cost of the barcodes and the reader.