Biography: Doug Boit

Doug BoitDoug Boit is head of research at London-based COR Financial Solutions. He occasionally hangs out at the International University of Monaco where he's been known to teach occasionally and enjoys challenging students with difficult questions. His current research activities are focused on web usability and identifying emerging technologies with a view to applying them in the investment management industry.

Doug was the principal architect of Salerio – an award winning Straight Through Processing product designed specifically for investment managers. He has also been responsible for the implementation of STP strategies with a number of major global investment management firms.

As part of his activities in London, he is a member of the ISITC Europe Executive Committee. He is involved with a number of other financial industry initiatives and has worked closely with ISITC, SWIFT and ISO over the last fifteen years.

Doug has over thirty years experience in software engineering, specialising in communications, messaging and transaction management. Before moving to London in 1988 he was involved in various projects including shipping, insurance and point-of-sale systems. He even found time to set up a recording studio and record label before life in The City. Prior to working in industry, he conducted research into fault tolerance in computer networks at the University of Salford where he gained his BSc degree in Electronic Computer Systems. After graduating he was invited to work in the university’s Computing Centre. During the following four years he helped various university departments apply microprocessor technology to their research projects and later established the Microcomputer Laboratory under the guidance of the Centre's director.

Doug is married to one of society's stalwart librarians, used to be dangerously close to the wrong side of forty-something, and finds Monaco a conducive atmosphere for research.