Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We receive lots of requests for information about Monaco, Monte Carlo and ourselves every day. Unfortunately, we can't reply to every enquiry personally, so please check this page before contacting us, to see if an answer to your query is already listed.

About Monaco IQ and what we can do for you

Q. I've got something I'd like to discuss, will you phone me?

Please send us full details of what you'd like to discuss through the contact form, including your business name, location and website, your address, email and phone.

Q. I'd like to send you a press release, what's your email?

Please send us your business name, location and website, your address, email and phone number. If the press release is already complete, please include a link to an electronic copy. If the press release has not yet been written, please include a brief outline of what it will include, and links to previous press releases you have written.

Q. Will you invest in me or my company?

Sorry, we're not investors. Try one of the more usual sources such as a bank loan, or capital from an investment company or venture capital company.

Q. Can you offer me a job or send me details about jobs in Monaco?

We're not currently recruiting staff, but if you'd like to work in Monaco, we've produced a list of top tips to help you find a job in the Principality.

About Monaco / Monte Carlo and the Cote d'Azur

Q. Can you send me timetables for transport between Nice Airport and Monaco?

A. We've created a page where you'll find links to schedules for public transport services. There's an excellent bus service, but if you arrive at the airport after 21.00, you'll need to use a taxi. An all night service runs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only.

Q. What does Monte Carlo mean?

Monte Carlo literally means "Charles Mountain", or "Mount Charles".

Monte Carlo is what you might call a neighbourhood within the Principality of Monaco. It covers an area that was originally called the Plateau des Spelugues. After Monaco lost Roquebrune and Menton to France in the 19th century, Prince Charles III decided to develop a luxurious resort to attract foreign visitors to spend their money. The Plateau des Spelugues was chosen for the resort and the Casino, Hotel de Paris, and various sumptuous villas and gardens were built there. Its name was changed to Monte Carlo on 1 June 1866.