Leading party first off the mark

On Wednesday evening, the Union Pour Monaco (UPM) presented a taste of things to come if they're re-elected to the National Council in February. On this website, we're particularly interested in their proposals to improve life for the business community of the Principality. Some of the projects which were presented for the 2008-2013 session are to:

  • Make it easier to create new enterprises.
  • Allow the self employed (apart from shopkeepers) and non-salaried to obtain premises in the local estates.
  • Work towards a law against harassment at work.
  • End the law on redundancy without motive.
  • Plan for a coherent and comprehensive commercial town planning: encourage the government towards a policy of acquiring private premises; Sunday opening.
  • Support the development of automatic gamimg with a profit sharing scheme for the employees of SBM.
  • Appoint a gaming professional to the board of directors of SBM.
  • Allow Monegasques employees of SBM to be promoted to all occupations.