Opposition party gets 15 together

The Monaco Ensemble alliance has finalized its list of candidates for election to the National Council in two weeks time. There are just 15 names after Stephan Bruno of the Synergie Monegasque party stepped down, citing as his reasons that he wishes to remain true to his own values and that he can serve his country better by not standing.
Monaco Ensemble's programme will revolve around quality of life, employment, finance, education and culture, elderly, housing, disabled, health and the national council. Some of the specific issues they'll be raising if elected are to:

  • Define a charter to contribute to sustainable development.
  • Develop teleworking.
  • Accelerate the construction of car parks to dissuade motor traffic within the Principality.
  • Ensure priority of employment opportunities for Monegasques.
  • Develop a service for job offers and job seekers.
  • Favour Monegasques' requests for new enterprise creation.