Research courses

We have many years experience teaching both executives and students how to carry out research. If you're new to research and need some help to get started, please contact us. We can organize seminars and tutorials to meet your needs, from one or two hours, to full courses lasting several weeks. Examples of our courses can be found below.

Research Tips and Tricks

An introduction to research designed for secretaries and clerical workers who are new to research. Designed to get you up and running fast.

Introduction to Academic Research

We developed the Advanced Research and Communications Course in 2002 to introduce undergraduate students to the world of academic and applied business research.

Highly targeted: Over several years, the course evolved from a general introduction to research into a highly targeted study support for individual student projects. It's designed to run over 45 hours and can be taken in full or on a modular basis.

Availability: Due to the large degree of individual support offered to each student, we open the course to no more than 6 individuals each session. If you're taking the Advanced Research and Communication course, you can access the class website from this page. All course material is available through the class website. Incidentally, it uses Moodle, a free, open source course management system. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can access the class website.

Please contact us if you want to know more


Generating Research Ideas

Use one (or more) of the following questions to help find a topic for research. Make notes.

  1. What subjects have interested you most at university?
  2. In which subjects did you get your best grades?
  3. In which subjects did you get your worst grades?
  4. Have you got a hobby that could be linked to a business subject?
  5. What career are you hoping to follow?
  6. What position would you like to have in a company?
  7. What industry would you like to work for?
  8. Is there anything recently in the news that caught your interest?
  9. Were there any questions that you'd like to have asked in any of your classes?
  10. Is there anything you disagree with that you were taught at university?
  11. Is there anything that you have a passion about?
  12. Is there anything that you feel strongly about?

If you're still unsure, browse through some past thesis titles using the links below. Find 3 titles that interest you and 3 titles that bore you. Consider the reasons why you prefer some titles to others.

Links to thesis titles

Economics theses

Undergraduate economics thesis titles from Harvard.

ProQuest database

A searchable database of dissertations. Most of these are either masters theses or PhD dissertations, however the titles may spark an interest. database

A searchable database of dissertations, again at the masters or doctoral level.