Workers take to the streets

The end of June saw several demonstrations organized by the Union des Syndicats de Monaco (USM).

USM demonstration

Since September 2008 the Principality has seen its fair share of marches and demonstrations, and in the run up to the summer holidays the unions once again called for action. Workers are fearful for their jobs and would like the government to do more to protect them. Representatives of the USM and employees from several different industries showed their solidarity each day. The biggest turnout was by the hotel and restaurant industries workers, many of whom are uncertain about whether they'll get a holiday this year. Tourist numbers are down due to the global economic slump and so companies are delaying hiring seasonal workers (see our story about SBM). This has led to employers expecting more flexibility from staff, who are asking for a few things in return, such as salary scales and bonuses.

Other unionists are demanding legislation relating to temporary and part-time work and to salaries. And the problems of manufacturers leaving the Principality in search of cheaper facilities was once again raised.