CleanEquity awards 2010

Prizes awarded for battery recharging, energy storage, diode technology and synthetic fuel production.

CleanEquity 2010 logo

During the first week of March the 3rd CleanEquity conference took place in Monaco, hosted by the Chambre de Developpment Economique (CDE). Over 2 days, 36 cleantech companies presented their ideas to more than 200 private and public investors from around the world.

At the closing ceremony, 4 awards were presented. The 10,000 euros Stelios Award for the Young Cleantech Entrepreneur of 2010 went to a young Dutch company, Epyon, established in 2006 to commercialize ultra-rapid battery recharging for electric vehicles. Prince Albert handed out the CleanEquity awards which were created this year by the artist Michael Joo. The 3 prizes and their winners were:

  • for research - Sun Catalytix (USA), an early stage company, focusing on energy storage using a catalyst that mimics photosynthesis
  • for development - Novaled AG (Germany), for its organic light-emitting diode technologies
  • for commercialization - Oxford Catalyts (GB), producing clean synthetic fuels from both conventional fossil fuels and renewable sources such as biowaste

CleanEquity : green business rewarded